A Chain of Benefits

Consumer benefits with guaranteed quality products that allow you to save on repairs. Benefits for the distributors because we give the certainty that we will attend to your orders and requests with responsibility, speed and confidentiality. Benefits for our suppliers because their products are being distributed quickly and efficiently by an experienced company that also cares about sales growth and timely payment.

Our Mission

To offer our customers, suppliers in whom they can trust their money and their orders with the certainty that they will be served responsibly and in a timely manner, and to offer our overseas suppliers our experience since 1969 in the market.

Our Vision

To remain in continuous growth, which is distinguished by offering an excellent service to its customers, good profitability for its shareholders, opportunity for development of our employees and commitment to society in general.

The third generation of the Giraldo family is linked to the company. We hope that our company will last for many generations.

Our Suppliers

Suppliers of excellent quality, competitive prices and experience.

Alternators and Starters


Parts for cars and motorcycles


Parts and accessories for vehicles


Clutch discs and covers


Parts for cars and motorcycles


Starters and alternators


LED Lighting




Jeep parts


Spare parts for motorcycles


Work with us

A good product needs good marketing

Why work with us?

Do you have a very good product, with excellent quality, a competitive price and great experience manufacturing it but it is not easy for you to enter the market? Or do you not know how to do it?

Giral2 is the solution. We do the work for you!

Focus on research, production and supplying excellent products and we focus on marketing.

We'll be your eyes on the market.

We will find the perfect and suitable distributors for your products (companies specialized in treating the parts you can supply), any company we select will be reliable and with enough financial support to start a business relationship with your company.

Can you imagine how long it might take you to do this job?

It could be years! Because you give a distributor the opportunity for a trial period and if it doesn't work out, you have to start over to find the right distributor. There are many factors to consider, the difference with us is that we simplify the process because we choose the right people.

But what if there's a complaint?

We visit the client, make a complete report of the problem and find the solution.

In the event of a dispute arising, it will not be a major problem, we are here to protect you, and of course to protect our client. It means that we will be in the middle, between the client and you to resolve it cordially and fairly.

Additionally it will be very easy to communicate with us because you will have to check only one email each day to consult all the pending ones. We work in the same hours that our clients work, to discuss, resolve or finalize pending. And when you return to the office the next day, you will have our answer in your inbox.

We find new samples to develop, we inform you about our competitors, we keep you updated about the market situation and if you want to do it personally we accompany you to visit the customers.

So, let's work together, contact us for information.

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